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How to promote your space successfully on VenueTap

Deciding to Share Sharing your space to operate your own events venue is an exciting prospect. It’s a great way to help people get together while earning extra money. And if you use VenueTap to share your space, you’ll be helping your local community too. First, of course, you must decide if your space is suitable for events and if so, what type of events it’s best for. If your answer to the following questions is ‘yes’, it’s highly likely your space could be used as a venue. Do you own the space or have permission from the owner to use it as a venue? Does it comply with VenueTap quality standards? That’s all you need to ensure you can offer your space as a venue. What to Offer The type of event you host is really up to you and may also be determined by your event planning clients. […]

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7 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

The excitement is high because you have finally set the wedding date. But the real work has just begun. If you have taken a wedding loan and are confused about where to start with the wedding planning, read on… Let’s start by looking at how to book the perfect venue and the important wedding venue questions you must ask. 1. Is the Venue Available? First and foremost, check if the venue is available on your wedding date.Some venues stay closed during the winters or monsoons, so you need to confirm the availability. Some venues will be busy during the holidays and they might be booked full. 2. What Are the Prices of the Different Banquet Halls? Many venues have multiple banquet halls within their premises. Check prices of each of them. Ask how far in advance and how much advance you need to pay. Consider financing your wedding with a personal loan if […]

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