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How to promote your space successfully on VenueTap

Deciding to Share

Sharing your space to operate your own events venue is an exciting prospect. It’s a great way to help people get together while earning extra money. And if you use VenueTap to share your space, you’ll be helping your local community too.

First, of course, you must decide if your space is suitable for events and if so, what type of events it’s best for. If your answer to the following questions is ‘yes’, it’s highly likely your space could be used as a venue.

  1. Do you own the space or have permission from the owner to use it as a venue?
  2. Does it comply with VenueTap quality standards?

That’s all you need to ensure you can offer your space as a venue.

What to Offer

The type of event you host is really up to you and may also be determined by your event planning clients. There are a few worthwhile considerations:

  • Do you have neighbors? To stay on good terms, you best keep music volume low late in the evening.
  • Is there enough parking available for your guests’ cars?
  • Is it realistic that people will hire your space for the type of events your promoting it for? This is an important point, after all, no one will hire your space for a pool party if you don’t have a pool. But seriously, a small apartment with no outdoor space may be be perfect for a small group’s creative brainstorming session but is most likely not suitable for a larger meeting, wedding or huge birthday celebration.
  • Put yourself in the position of the person organizing the types of events you wish to host and consider whether you would book your venue for them. When you know which events your venue is most suitable for make yours as perfect for their needs as it can possibly be.
  • Do you need insurance? If you do not already have suitable insurance for events in place, our advice is to take out event insurance on every venue your promote, as soon as a the first booking for it is made (there’s no need to be insured until you have a booking).

VenueTap event insurance partner, State Farm – one of the most trustee insurers in the USA – offers all our member venues in the USA, Canada and Mexico, event insurance policies at highly competitive rates. Click here for more information. Venue members outside of North America can learn more about event insurance here.

For more information on turning your space into a successful events venue by promoting it on VenueTap, just ask us for help. You can contact the VenueTap team by emailing

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